What has Meghan Markle had done to her face?

When women look at Meghan Markle a lot of women are thinking, ‘How can I look like this cute woman and get my own Prince Charming?’, and we agree with the vast majority because we think her natural looking beauty is what every women wants.

Royal wedding. Meghan Markle in St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle for her wedding to Prince Harry. Picture date: Saturday May 19, 2018.

There is now a thing called “the Meghan Markle effect” which is a new trending desire with women looking to go for more natural looking aesthetics. Around the world women are moving away from big lips and the invasive redefined nose and are requesting for similar features to Meghan Markle for a more pronounced appearance that is inconspicuous and is guaranteed to find you a prince charming!


Markle has got ‘aesthetic facial balance’ where her eyes, cheeks, nose and lips are in perfect proportion in particular her nose, which has this tight, small tip with extreme definition that people are into, and nice, supple lips that fit her face while being very natural-looking. When speaking with Jessica Lalicz from Refine Cosmetic Co about Markle she said, “We are able to provide this natural look with minimally invasive techniques using Dermal Fillers.”
Dermal Fillers can contour cheekbones and jawlines, reinvigorate noses and restore plumpness to the tear troughs below the eyes for $99 to $1000, however this depends on how much work is being done and the addition of annual touch ups to maintain that look.

So the great news is it won’t cost you your annual leave as well as an arm and a leg worth of funds to refine all that you are meant to be.

Meghan paid just $2,000 for injectable fillers like Restylane, Perlane, and Juvederm to reshape her nose in half an hour. HOW AMAZING IS THAT?! When compared to the traditional costly $10,000 to $15,000 surgical rhinoplasty which takes weeks to recover from and takes hours for the procedure under anaesthesia, this is obviously the more attractive option. Meghan had no problem in going back to work the next day with some slight redness and swelling around her modified tip.

“I love it. I never liked my profile before, and now I feel much more confident, and it has a more girly, feminine look, and a more defined tip,” she said. Meghan will have to go back for touch ups annually, but prefers that to the “permanence of a full nose job,” she said.

Derma fillers have been growing in popularity, with Refine Cosmetic Co’s main demographic being 25-40-year-olds, which is followed closely by the ages just outside this demographic.

“The risks associated with the liquid nose job can be some skin loss or blindness if it’s injected in the wrong place. Making sure you use a qualified Registered Cosmetic Nurse (RN) to prevent such things happening. There have been some nightmare cases that we have heard about and it’s just terrible. We take pride in our professionalism as we focus on the care and quality of our customer results”, said Jessica Lalicz from Refine Cosmetic Co.

For those wondering how much the wedding has cost them: it’s rumoured to be upwards of $30million. If you ask us we would prefer to put the money towards a Malibu beach holiday house, a trip away to sail the Amalfi Coast and then a lifetime supply of treatments from Refine Cosmetic Co.